Energy Healing

Note: Not all of these include light language. Please read the descriptions prior to ordering. 

Light Language Infused with Arcfusion Healing Energies

Receive powerful light language infused with Arcfusion healing energies for everything you need in the present moment. 

High vibrational energies channeled from Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Orion, Arcturians, and Pleiadians. 

As you listen, you are provided with healing energies for any issues within your mind, body, and spirit. Plus, new light is downloaded into your energetic system. 

Start feeling better today by instantly downloading your mp3 right after ordering. 

Length: 18:17 minutes. 
Background music: Angels of Healing by Thaddeus. Used with permission.
Only $22
Personalized Light Language

Angel Energy Healing

Angel Energy Healing is the most complete energy healing modality. It covers everything your energetic system needs, plus allows you to personalize your session. 

In this distance Angel Energy Healing session, you will be provided with a complete and thorough cleanse for your entire energetic system. Relax while archangels refresh, rejuvenate, and uplift your mind, body, and spirit.
Angel Energy Healing Session
What You Receive:
  • Full chakra and aura cleanse plus cleansing for your meridian system
  • Angels cut etheric cords
  • Removes any entities or dark programs in your energy field
  • Reprogram your subconscious mind from a limiting belief
  • Energy healing for your emotional system
  • Remove energetic blocks that are stopping you from achieving your dreams
  • Feel more relaxed along with feeling more inner peace
  • Request energy healing for what your mind, body, and spirit need
  • Angel Energy Healing orb remains around you for at least 24 hours after your session ends
  • Your session lasts 22 to 25 minutes
  • Free Bonus: Cleansing of all the energies inside your home and on the land surrounding your home
Schedule your distance Angel Energy Healing session now. Only $55

Arcfusion Energy Healing

Arcfusion is new and unique healing energies from the universe. Archangels and ascended masters deliver the perfect blend of healing energies to you based on what you need most in the present moment.

Arcfusion is a fusion of beneficial energies that includes: universal life force energy, all colors of light from the spectrum, violet flame, light codes, sacred geometry, and crystalline energy. These energies blend together to provide your mind, body, and spirit with cleansing, healing, and balancing. This leads to lasting improvements and helps to start transforming your life.
Personalized light language
Each Arcfusion Energy Healing request is set up to repeat daily for 30 consecutive days. So you continue to receive gentle, yet powerful healing energies daily. Archangels surround you as you are receiving the healing energies and ensure you receive the full amount of energies intended for you. 

Get Arcfusion for yourself, for your pet, or to help with a situation. 

If ordering for your pet, please indicate the species and your pet's name.
Get Arcfusion Energy Healing within 24 hours. Only $33