Are you interesting in learning how to channel light language? 

Or, do you want to improve your existing light language?

These self-paced courses will help you develop your light language skills. Plus, they provide you with an easy setup process that protects your energy when you are channeling light language. 

You also gain access to a private Facebook group to practice and connect to other light language students.

And, free access to any new contents or bonuses that may be added into the courses in the future.

Light Language Level 1 Certification Course

The Beginner and Intermediate Levels are Combined into the Level 1 Course
  • Self-paced online certification course
  • Learn all the basics about light language
  • Start to channel light language
  • Learn how to overcome the ego's fears
  • Easy setup process to connect to any archangel or star being 
  • How to keep your energy protected while channeling
  • Practice different ways to channel light language: spoken, drawing symbols, hand movements
  • 7 Bonuses include MP3 light language transmissions for past life clearing, soul fragmentation, and channeled messages

Advanced Light Language Certification Course

This self-paced advanced level course is for anyone who already has a strong understanding of the basics of light language. And will assist you in becoming a master at channeling light language.

Prerequisite: You should already be channeling light language to get the most out of this advanced course.
  • Enhance your light language skills and start channeling at a higher level
  • Become attuned to galactic frequencies from across the universe: Arcturus, the Pleiades, Orion, Andromeda, Sirius, Lyra, Blue Avians, Lemurians, Atlanteans, Faeries, and the Council of Light
  • Learn an easy setup process that keeps your energy protected while channeling light language
  • Channel light language with the Galactic Federation and the Arcturian Council of Light
  • Tune into your multidimensionality
  • Activate your DNA
  • Expand your consciousness
  • Integrate more of your higher self into your human life experiences
  • Access wisdom from within and from higher dimensions across the universe
  • Strengthen your intuition and your gifts
  • Speed up your ascension journey in a gentle way
  • Using light language as energy healing to improve your life and other people's lives
  • Work with light codes and channel light codes 
  • How to encode any symbols with light language energies
  • Learn how to activate light language in other people 


  • 5 minute MP3 energy cleanse for daily use
  • Light language MP3 for grounding
  • Blessings of love and light from the Seraphim Angels; MP3 
  • Sharing your light language
  • Guide to build and grow your light language business online; PDF
  • Using platonic solids and sacred geometry to enhance your light language; PDF
  • How to use light language to remove entities with the Arcturians
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