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I'm Brenda, and am grateful you found this site. My soul purpose is to channel light language and healing energies from the higher dimensions to aid you in transforming your life.

Combining light language with healing energies is also an optimal way to support your ascension journey. The reason why is because the entire process is guided by archangels and loving star beings. 

I look forward to assisting you ascend higher, and reaching your highest potential in life.

Sending you love and sparkly light,
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What is Light Language?

Light language is the language of the universe. It is a multidimensional energy healing modality that speaks directly to your soul, and is unrecognizable by the mind. 

Light language is an energetic symphony composed of sound frequencies, radiant colors, and luminous codes designed exclusively for your benefit. These high frequency energies originate in higher dimensions from across the universe. 

Each transmission of light language is like a cosmic capsule of information, compact yet brimming with transformative power. Its expressions are as diverse as the universe itself, channeled through resonant sounds, symbolic drawings, and the rhythmic dance of hand and arm movements.

Your soul, the ultimate receptor, embraces these energies, integrating them into your system in sync with your readiness. Along with uplifting your life in countless ways.

Welcome to the wonderful world of light language, where channeled transmissions link you to the universe.

Benefits of Light Language

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Activates your 12 strands of DNA
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Expands your consciousness
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Releases blocked energies
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Balances your mind, body, and spirit
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Increases your energetic vibration
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Heals, cleanses, and rejuvenates your soul
Light Language

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