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I'm Brenda, and am grateful you found this site. My soul purpose is to channel light language and healing energies from the higher dimensions to help you improve your life.

Combining light language with healing energies and light codes is also an optimal way to support your ascension journey. The reason why is because the entire process is guided by my main channeling guides: Archangels Gabriel, Michael, and Orion. 

I look forward to assisting you ascend higher, and helping you balance your mind, body, and spirit.

Sending you love and sparkly light, 
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What is Light Language?

Light language is the language of the universe. It is multidimensional and is for your soul. It contains high frequency energies that originate in the higher dimensions including in the angelic realm. These energies include sound frequencies, colors, and light codes that only provide you with benefits. 

Each light language transmission is encoded with a variety of high frequency energies to assist your mind, body, and spirit. The energies contained within light language provide you with energy healing, energy cleansing, and they help to improve your life. 

Light language contains a massive amount of information that is packed into short transmissions. The different ways that light language is channeled include through speaking various sounds, drawing symbols, and flowing the energies through hand/arm movements. 

Your soul integrates these energies into your system as you are ready to utilize them. 
Benefits of Light Language
Infinity Symbol
Activates your 12 strands of DNA
Infinity Symbol
Expands your consciousness
Infinity Symbol
Releases blocked energies

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