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Welcome to Celestial Light Language!

I’m Brenda Lott, creator of this website and blog with assistance from Orion and several archangels. My soul purpose is to combine channeling light language with powerful healing energies to assist you on your spiritual journey and to enhance your life.

I am grateful for the opportunity to bring light language and healing energies from the higher dimensions to the Earth plane. These high vibrational energies are a blessing and contain immense potential to transform your life.

About My Journey

In August 2018, I discovered that I'm a lightworker and starseed. After starting to heal from the past and deeply cleansing my energy, it opened me up to discover the first aspect of my soul purpose. 

By January 2020, I was taking a variety of online courses and in the process of becoming certified in several energy healing modalities. Angel Energy Healing was my biggest passion, yet there was a strong feeling of knowing that something big was still missing. After a few more months, then I discovered that the missing piece was light language. 

A friend encouraged me to take a channeling course with him, and only one month into the course is when light language started flowing through me. After overcoming the ego's fears, I quickly discovered that light language is the other aspect of my soul purpose. And combining it with energy healing is the perfect way to utilize these gifts to help people on their journey through life. 


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