Past Life Healing

Do you want to break free from recurring struggles to finally manifest your dreams and desires? 

Recurring struggles are one of the most common signs of unresolved past life issues. And it is these types of repeating struggles that have potential to hold you back for years.

We all have past life issues of varying degrees which might come with different types of fears. Yet, delaying the process of doing past life healing only keeps you trapped longer.

Past life healing will set you free!

And now past life healing is easy to do. Plus it is faster than traditional past life regression techniques. Because archangels help you every step of the way along with comforting you and protecting you during the process.

When doing past life healing, the angels only make you aware of what you absolutely need to know. For example, only being informed that forgiveness is needed to end a pattern of lack.

So if you are ready to start moving forward in life, past life healing is vital. Take a deep breath and relax while archangels tackle those past life blocks for you.

What you get:

This past life healing package includes instant downloads of both light language and a guided meditation with archangels. Plus, Arcfusion Energy Healing specifically for cleansing and healing your past lives. You also receive a free bonus for soul fragmentation healing. So you have everything you need to resolve past life issues and start moving forward in life.

Light language mp3 transmission specifically for past life issues. Channeled from Archangels Raphael, Jeremiel, and Raziel. Length: 4:56.

Past life regression and healing mp3 with Archangel Raziel. Length: 3:30.

Arcfusion Energy Healing for cleansing and healing past lives. This includes karmic debt healing and ancestral lineage healing. The Arcfusion healing energies are sent to you within 48 hours.

Free Bonus mp3: Light language for soul fragmentation with Archangel Michael. Length: 4:28.

Instant download of the past life healing package plus the free bonus now only $37. 

Learn More about Past Lives

Exploring the mysteries surrounding your past lives helps you understand the soul lessons that you need to learn in this lifetime. It could be courage, strength, finding your voice in the world, or something else.

By recognizing the root cause of blockages to your progress, such as fears or a lack of motivation, you can bring resolution into it. And reclaim pieces of yourself that may have been lost in other lifetimes.

Unresolved issues may be causing blocks, pain, confusion, and energy drains throughout your current day to day activity. Therefore, achieving balance by clearing karma from all lifetimes opens up the door for forward momentum in your life.

Through understanding and recognizing your past life issues, you also access new levels of inner power, clarity, and freedom. Along with opening up your unlimited potential.

How to Identify Past Life Issues

Explore this list of signs that may indicate an unresolved past life trauma. If you have one or more of these signs, then past life healing is needed.
  • Physical ailments or pains with no obvious cause; includes chronic conditions
  • Experiencing the same recurring struggles in life
  • Recurring dreams of how a lifetime ended
  • Dreaming about the same type of bad experience
  • Feeling negativity or anger toward another person especially if it is ongoing with strong feelings
  • Fears of certain things for no known reason why (for example, a fear of drowning, fear of fire, fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of death)
  • Depression, anxiety, or nervousness
  • Unexplainable sadness or nervousness when interacting with a certain person
  • Feeling lost, confused, or hopeless
  • Patterns repeating in relationships (such as being cheated on or abused)
  • Panic attacks happening only in certain situations (such as being in a certain location or afraid of falling down a steep hill)
  • Being afraid to speak up or feeling as if others do not understand you
  • Feeling that other people do not accept you for who you are

Benefits of Past Life Regression Healing with Archangels

Past life healing with archangels is an effective way to identify and resolve deep energetic blocks from past lives. Because the angels know your entire history of past lives along with which ones need healing.

A few benefits of past life healing include ending recurring struggles, manifesting your dreams easier, and opening up to your full potential.

The Easiest Way to do Past Life Healing

The best way to achieve past life healing is by working with archangels to resolve past life issues. This is where the Past Life Healing Package is perfect for everything you need to do past life healing.  

The short guided meditation along with the light language transmission are channeled through archangels. And can be used in any order at any time.

The light language transmission initiates past life cleansing and healing. Specifically by breaking up energetic blocks from past lives along with clearing them.

Inside the guided meditation, Archangel Raziel stays with you from start to finish. He guides you through an easy process to discover and resolve past life issues that are causing struggles for you. Whether you are aware of what caused the obstacle or not, the angels will help you.

This Past Life Healing Package makes the process of doing past life healing much easier and cheaper. Especially when compared to traditional past life regression techniques.

It is also very beneficial when you have a soul lesson attached to a past life issue. Because you can return to the meditation and light language transmission anytime if needed.

Past Life Healing Package

You receive the past life healing lmp3 and guided meditation for only $37.

Plus, get a free bonus light language transmission for soul fragmentation healing. Any kind of trauma, whether from your current lifetime or a past life, can cause the soul to become fragmented. This free bonus recovers all missing pieces of your soul and gently integrates them back into your system.

Light Language Transmission mp3
Channeled from Archangels Raphael, Jeremiel, and Raziel.
Length: 4:56
Background Music: Temple of Healing Love by Thaddeus; used with permission.

Past Life Regression mp3 with Archangel Raziel
The guided mediation session with Archangel Raziel can be used two different ways.

First, if you have a known past life issue, Archangel Raziel walks you through the process of breaking up deeper layers of trauma to heal and resolve it.

Second, if you are struggling in a certain area of life without knowing why, it could be due to a past life issue. You can use this guided meditation to clear it. Which then leads to seeing an improvement in that area of your life.

Length: 3:30
Background Music: Temple of Healing Love by Thaddeus; used with permission.

Free Bonus mp3: Light Language for Soul Fragmentation
Light language channeled from Archangel Michael helps you recover lost pieces of your soul along with integrating them back into your system.
Length: 4:28
Background Music: Blending with Your Soul by Thaddeus; used with permission

Instant download of this entire package along with the free bonus for only $37.